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Research Unit 111 is a 2d game of exploration in an oppressive atmosphere. Gather your team and escape from this lab, if you can, or investigate the secrets that are buried there.

U-R-111 or Research Unit 111, the new game of JDO-Universe takes place in the unique universe of the author J.M.Martin. The ANR Army has different Research and Test Centres hidden in different regions. Research Unit 111 has not been active for several months when Caesar, Vega and former Major Lee are forced to take refuge in this building…


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I did not purchase or play the game, but I feel the need to point out this paid game is using art from Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists cover art. 

Hello, all the elements used to create the game have been selected carefully, some are not personal creations but are free of rights. You would have been right to preside if it was indeed an intellectual property theft but our young and fledgling business would not venture to fool in this way. We respect everyone's work with the hope that everyone will also respect ours. We have also provided some free items for those who would be interested in our work.

Jean-Michel Martin 

CEO JDO-Univers.

Okay but you're literally incorrect and The Guy by Greg Capullo is not free of rights and is very much owned by Reprise Records

Après de nombreuses recherches ( et oui je parle français, j' en ai marre de google trad ) je viens de voir qui était ce Greg Capullo et malgré mes recherches, je n' ai pas trouver l'image que tu m' accuse d'avoir volé, merci de faire un screen de l' originale et de l' image volé afin que nous puissions corriger ce détail qui nous as visiblement échaper, bien que deux personnes ne connaissant pas le travaille l'un de l'autre puissent produire les mêmes résultats ( kourtchatov  vs einstein ) Si vous napprotez pas les images, nous pourrons tout à fait conclure que ces commentaires n'ont pas vocation à protéger l'intégrité et la propriété intelectuelle mais ont uniquement pour but de nous nuire.

After a lot of research (and yes I speak French, I'm tired of google trad) I just saw who was this Greg Capullo and despite my research, I did not find the image that you accuse me of have stolen, thank you to make a screen of the original and the stolen image so that we can correct this detail which we visibly escape, although two people not knowing the work of each other can produce the same results (kurtchatov vs einstein) If you do not take a look at the images, we can quite conclude that these comments are not intended to protect integrity and intellectual property but are only intended to harm us.

You overlaid your logo over the face of The Guy from the Ten Thousand Fists album cover it's not that hard to google lmao

Merci pour cette image, nous allons consulter les graphistes afin de comprendre pourquoi ce design à été choisi, bien sur, nous accuser de vole est malsain et toxique, mais nous allons modifier de visage du Dr Cervantès. Si c'est en effet un acte de malveillance, la personne qui en est responsable sera renvoyer. Nous esperons que le prochain design vous séduira et vous incitera à acheter le jeu. Cordialement, Jean-Michel Martin, CEO. 

Thank you for this image, we will consult the designers to understand why this design was chosen, of course, accuse us of stealing is unhealthy and toxic, but we will change face of Dr. Cervantes. If it is indeed an act of malicious intent, the person who is responsible will be returned. We hope that the next design will seduce you and will encourage you to buy the game. Sincerely, Jean-Michel Martin, CEO.